Funeral Planning Made Simple

Funeral & Cemetery Arrangements

Acknowledgment cardsMarker or monument
Casket selectionMemorial marker & inscription
Charitable donationsMemorial record book
Church servicesMusic selection
Clothing for the deceasedNewspaper notices
Cremation or burialOpen or closed casket
Embalming & preparationOpening & closing of grave fees
Flower carParking facilities
Flower selectionPerpetual care
Funeral coachPreparation of documentation
Graveside servicesPrepare photos for DVD presentation
Hair dressingReadings and poems
Insurance & government formsReligious & fraternal items
Interment plotUrn selection
Jewelry & glassesUse of chapel or church
Legal certificates & permitsVault
Limousine for familyVisitation dates and times
Limousine for pallbearersVisitation hours

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